Fox40 - CAUL Whistle

Fox40 - CAUL Whistle

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As part of the re-opening of hockey during the COVID19 pandemic, CAUL whistles have been identified as a way to reduce moisture droplets being dispersed when blowing the whistle.

The NHL has announced they are transitioning to the CAUL whistle. 

The Caul is Fox 40’s first fingergrip-style whistle designed specifically to encompass a flexible fingergrip. Composed of a strong polycarbonate body with integrated over-mold CMG technology, Fox 40 has combined the pealess whistle and fingergrip together in one continuous design. Dual-chamber pealess technology, combined with years of proprietary research and development, has resulted in a one-of-a-kind all-encompassing whistle and fingergrip. The Fox 40 Caul features a sleek design and highly-durable yet flexible rubber form-fitting fingergrip. Flexible fingergrip fits various hand sizes and reduces the transfer of impact energy to the hand. Fox 40 has evolved traditional beat pea-style technology in to a pealess-style whistle without compromising the traditional harmonized trill tone. Crisp loud sound and extremely easy to blow. Elatomer material is warmer in cold arenas. The Cushioned Mouth Grip (CMG) provides soft a contact area and reduces impact on teeth. Indestructible polycarbonate body. Design: Dual-chamber pealess Sound Power: 110 dB.  We can print your association logo on these whistles. Call us at 1-866-REF-STUFF for details.

For health reasons, whistles can not be returned or exchanged.

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