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As part of the re-opening of hockey during the COVID19 pandemic, electronic whistles have been recommended as a way to prevent moisture droplets being dispersed when blowing the whistle.   It will also allow officials to wear a mask if desired or mandated.

The ideal hygienic solution for multiple users, can be easily disinfected between uses and is easy to use while wearing gloves.

A simple push of a button provides a loud, clear and consistent sound and a hygienic solution instead of blowing a traditional whistle.

Simple ON-OFF switch to conserve battery life.

Allows officials to issue verbal direction without having to remove a whistle from the mouth.

Three selectable distinct tones to select from with the loudest up to 125 decibels.

Powered by a 9V battery and can be used with or without the attached lanyard

Red colour with black trim and lanyard.

Leagues may want to consider purchasing a smaller quantity and allow officials to share them.  They can be easily sanitized before and after use to allow sharing.

A reminder that whistles of any type can not be exchanged or returned.

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