Customized/Personalized Skate Mat

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Looking to reward your officials at a value price?  Our skate mats are a great "thank-you" gift for your league or tournament officials.

We can also customize your skate mats with your logo, message, image, or any combination of the three. Additionally we can personalize each skate mat with a name, a number, etc. Using the multi-colour dye sublimation technique, your design is limited only to your creativity.  Stock, Customized and Personalized mats available beginning at $15.95.   Mats are dye sublimated so they are not subject to cracking or flaking like silk-screened mats.  Customized and/or Personalized mats require a minimum of 12 mats.  Individual mats with the log are available for single orders.  Click here:  REFSTUFF · Products · REFSTUFF Skate Mat · Shopify

Call us for prices and design options 1-866-REF-STUFF.

If you want a soft and dry surface to rest your feet post game then you'll love our skate mats.  Mats are 19" wide and 15" high, 1/4" thick, look great, and are made of rubber mousepad material with black backing.

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