Bauer Official's Shin Guard

Bauer Official's Shin Guard

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New for 2017-8!  Great value for low profile shin guards with excellent wrap around calf protection.

Bauer recommends 13" size for officials 5'7" or less, 14" size for officials 5'7"-5'11" and size 15" for 5'9"-6'1".  




  • SHIN CAP: Molded PE shin cap

  • KNEE CAP: Injected PE knee cap

  • CALF GUARD: Removable padded calf wrap

  • THIGH PROTECTOR: Removable thigh protector with strap


  • OVERALL FIT: Official's fit

  • KNEE SLEEVE: Knee sleeve lock system

  • FREE FLEX COMPONENTS: Free flex shin and knee cap with knee bumper

  • STRAPPING SYSTEM: 2-strap system

  • LINER: 37.5 Technology


  •  13",14", 15"

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