CCM HP9 Referee Girdle

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Protective girdle for hips, thigh and kidney areas. Designed for use with CCM PP8L and PP9L series pants. High density lightweight foam padding provides great protection combined with manoeuverability. Includes belt, extra protective tailbone padding and a built in cup. The PG9 is one of the best on the market. CCM builds this girdle with lots of ventilation throughout the pad with the use of mesh materials. The pads are in just the right places for refereeing. Not too heavy and not too light with a slim profile. In addition, the pads are perforated for even more ventilation. A single belt closure system keep the girdle in place efficiently without adding bulk and complication. 

Sizing : (Small 30"-32")  (Medium 32"-34") (Large 34"-36") (XL 36"-38").  Formerly identified as CCM PG9.

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