Electronic Whistles in Stock

Posted by Craig Jenner on

With several leagues making the use of electronic whistles mandatory, they are getting very difficult to find.

At REFSTUFF.ca, we have fulfilled all of our customers' back orders and we still have some (not a lot) in stock right now.

Fox 40 Electronic whistles stop the spread of moisture droplets associated with blowing a whistle.  You can wear a mask while still being able to officiate.

Order yours today before they are gone.

If you still prefer to blow a whistle, but are concerned about the spread of COVID, the Fox 40 CAUL whistle may be the answer for you.  This pea-less design significantly reduces the moisture droplets when compared with traditional referee whistles.  These are the whistles used by the NHL in the recent playoffs.  These are in stock now for immediate shipment.

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