COVID-19 Whistle Alternatives

Posted by Craig Jenner on

One of the measures being taken to avoid the spread of COVID-19 during the return to play strategy is the use of whistles that reduce or eliminate the moisture droplets that are associated with blowing a traditional whistle.
Two alternatives have been identified as potentially better than existing whistles.
The NHL has just announced they have transitioned to the "CAUL" whistle for the remainder of the season, a pea-less whistle named in honour of former NHL referee John McCauley.  The unique pealess design means fewer moisture droplets are released into the air towards participants. You can order it here and they are in stock for immediate shipment.
The second alternative is an electronic whistle that is activated by a push button and carried in the hand.  Moisture droplets are non-existent with this whistle. Might take some getting used to, but hundreds have been ordered for the return to play expected shortly.  These whistles are expected to be back in stock in early September.  You can order here to reserve yours.

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